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Usually when we go on vacation I like to bring a book or two to read during down times. Last month when we went on vacation I decided to only bring one book – I knew I needed more rest than before, and I’d only get through one book.

After a quick browse through my collection I decided on “The Best Kind of People”, which turned out to be a great choice!

Well, I read the book in two days! It was that good! Personally, I though the writing was great and the story itself was intriguing. The characters drew me in, and I felt like I wanted to know more with each page.

So the “Book of the Month” for the Month of May is “The Best Kind of People”. I highly recommend this book!

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When I wasn’t living in my bikini, I had some pretty cute outfits – this only happened during breakfast and dinner, because other than that it was bikinis all around!

This was my outfit on the one day we decided to take a trip outside of our Resort, which was only a half day anyways because we didn’t want to be away from our heavenly Valentin Imperial Maya!

My darling husband actually bought this too for me last summer in England – it’s one of my favorites, especially on warm summer days (or hot Mexican afternoons). I decided to wear it with my vintage Levi’s shorts, and Topshop laced flats. The purse pictured, my classic Coach favourite (I have it in pink as well) is actually the only one I took – yes, I know, shocker! But there really was no need for more than one since this one matched every outfit.

Nothing else was needed for this outfit, it was too warm for anything else really, plus I was perfectly comfortable in this and felt like it was appropriate for the days event!

Hubby and I at a Tequila Distillery
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Say hello to my new Spring/Summer Tote!

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote about the new floral collection at Coach that I feel in love with?

Well, I’ve gone back and forth to Coach debating which one of these gorgeous bags I wanted to purchase and none of them were truly calling my name, until this past weekends visit to the store…

I think that the Coach outlet store at the Toronto Premium Outlets is my favorite; something about the store that always feels so welcoming, and I always seem to be able to find something there!

So walking in this past weekend and seeing this perfect bag was fate. From this floral collection, a new colour was released and it is actually just the one I was waiting for!

Again, the tote is reversible, one side is navy, and the other is a vanilla white with burgundy, orange, and navy flowers. It also comes with a navy detachable clutch pouch!

Happy wife happy life!


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My Husbands graduation – 2013

The begining of each month always feels like a new beginning for me; just like a new week, a Monday morning feels like a fresh start. I guess everyone considers a “fresh start” as something different; for me, it’s simply a way of looking forward to a new set of goals or events.

This month, my husband and I have decided to finally take on a project we have been debating on for sometime now – to go back to school and finish our degree. We have been working on classes here and there, but just recently found a specific program we are truly excited about, and that makes sense.

Going back to our college roots is giving me a nice sense of nostalgia – I am enjoying it actually.Not only do I get a student discount again, but the Campus has undergone many updates and renovations since I was last there; which now includes an upgraded wellness and fitness facility.

Maybe I will be able to motivate myself and actually get to the gym now…

Anyways, we are both starting full course loads and the classes will run throughout the entire summer semester – beginning of May to the middle of August.  Yes, we will have extra work on our plates; to add to our already busy schedules, but there is nothing that can, or will, stop us from completing these Degrees.

I love hearing things like “Forever a Student” from adults; education is one of the most important things and it’s so great when we are able to find the time and opportunity to continue our educations!




List of the week: List the things that made you happy as a child.

This weeks weekly reflection forces us to push our thoughts back to our earlier days, and to what we can remember from then.

It’s interesting to see what made us happy as a child and compare it to what makes us happy now. Of course life teaches us many things, and our minds are more developed when we are older, but it’s still a fascinating comparison to make.

Happy Reflecting!


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Everyone needs a vacation once in a while – big or small, a break from your daily routine is healthy for both physically and mentally.

Mentally, it’s so important to give your mind a break from your daily thoughts, and simply allow your mind to “STOP” thinking and just let go, relax, and go with the flow.

Physically, our bodies snap into an automatic rythum with ourdaily routines, so its very important to removeour bodies from that constant trance and loosen up a little.

We recently decided we needed a break from our daily routines, and it was time for a vacation where our body, mind, and soul could relax and just forget about reality for some time.

Naturally, the first place that comes to mind when I think of a place to relax is: M E X I C O! Within two weeks, we were on a plane heading south for paradise. We chose an adult-only, all-inclusive, five star resort, because literally all we wanted was to relax in the sun, swim in the ocean and pool, indulge in culinary creations, and sip on delicious drinks. We found all this wonderulness (and more) at the VALENTIN IMPREIAL MAYA in the Rivera Maya.

It was our first time at this specific resort, and we were absolutely amazed at how great it was – the service, the food, the atmosphere, it was all beyond our expectations. We definitely would recommend this resort to anyone looking for a Mexican getaway.

With time, I’ll post photos from the trip and a few of my outfit choices for the evenings and outings, as I basically lived in my bikini the entire week.

I could write all day about the details of the resort, but I’ll just leave this post open to questions – so if there is anything you want to know more about it, feel free to email me or post a comment below.