Today's post is a flashback to my World Haus Fashion days; again, posting from a similar time a few years ago. This post actually has many interesting connections and facts, in terms of my outfit. L E G G I N G S - These were my first pair of Blackmilk clothing leggings, that … Continue reading WHF: GETTING COZY WITH BLACKMILK // 2012.12.07


WHF: THE G O L D E N DAYS // 2012.10.23

The World Haus Fashion Chapter of my life is one I truly enjoy looking back on - it really was a great experience and adventure for me, which I can look back on with a full smile. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my life revolved solely around shopping, traveling, school, … Continue reading WHF: THE G O L D E N DAYS // 2012.10.23

WHF: SEA OF BLUE // 2013.06.19

WorldHausFashion Look: SEA OF BLUE // 2013.06.19 Looking back on the good old WORLD HAUS FASHION days really does put a smile on my face. Those really were the happy careless day; whenever someone told me that back then I didn't believe them, but now, looking back, I think they may have been right to some … Continue reading WHF: SEA OF BLUE // 2013.06.19


Memories; one of the greatest things we can acquire in our lifetime. My greatest memories are created from traveling and sightseeing - the world is such a magnificent and magical place, with so many wonderful and unique places and things to see. These photos were taken about three years ago in San Juan, Puerto Rico … Continue reading WHF: TROPICAL VIBES IN SAN JUAN