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Say hello to my new Spring/Summer Tote!

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote about the new floral collection at Coach that I feel in love with?

Well, I’ve gone back and forth to Coach debating which one of these gorgeous bags I wanted to purchase and none of them were truly calling my name, until this past weekends visit to the store…

I think that the Coach outlet store at the Toronto Premium Outlets is my favorite; something about the store that always feels so welcoming, and I always seem to be able to find something there!

So walking in this past weekend and seeing this perfect bag was fate. From this floral collection, a new colour was released and it is actually just the one I was waiting for!

Again, the tote is reversible, one side is navy, and the other is a vanilla white with burgundy, orange, and navy flowers. It also comes with a navy detachable clutch pouch!

Happy wife happy life!


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The popular line of “beauty/fashion is pain” does in fact have greater meaning behind it. I was recently reading an article in the newspaper related to the five main causes of back pain which is caused by our clothing!

The article listed the following items are the top five fashion causes of back pain:

  1. Skinny jeans
  2. Oversized bags
  3. Coats with a large puffy hood
  4. High heel shoes
  5. Backless shoes, such as Mules

After looking at the list for a second, I realized I am victim to ALL of the items – although my jeans are not skin-tight, they do tend to be on the skinnier side, my coat has a huge puffy hood, heels are my best friend, and oversized bags are my daily game. The backless shoes point I have no connection to; yet.

It all makes sense though really, a few years ago I read an article about a woman who’s skinny jeans were so tight that she actually had to be cut out of them, as her legs started swelling and numbing – how scary is that!

So, putting things into perspective, this doesn’t mean that you should stop wearing the above five mentioned items altogether, maybe just not for long periods of times, or during times when your back already is sore?

From a fashion perspective, here are my alternate solutions for the above items, just to ease your soul while you wait for the slap of this news to disappear.

  1. Skinny jeans try a pair of straight leg or boyfriend distressed jeans – those holes will definitely give your leg some room to breathe, and not to mention, they are definitely in right now.
  1. Oversized bags have you seen all the adorable mini bags recently – it seems like every major brand is now creating smaller versions of their classic bags. Also, have a look back on my post about the Louis Vuitton backpack – maybe it’s time to jump onto the backpack trend after all? 
  1. Coats with a large puffy hood living in Canada, this may be a tough one to pass up; being cold in a light hood vs. being comfy in a big Eskimo-styled hood. Maybe, try wearing a hat; yes I know it causes hat hair and statics strands, but it may be your solution. I have recently been putting my hair into a french braid on my more laid back days at work and I’ve been able to pull off the hat to and from work.
  1. High heel shoes Fashion may be calling on kitten heels and block heels but we will never get away from the classic stiletto guaranteed. The block heel is still my favourite and most comfortable option; and since they are very much in style now, I’m sure you can find an option to suit your needs.
  1. Backless shoes, such as Mules I have no reasoning for this one really, Mules were a hit a few decades ago and it looks like they’ve mad a comeback, but I’m sure they will disappear soon enough for you to wear them without really causing any damage.
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As I’ve mentioned earlier, F L O R A L everything, all the time! Strolling through Great Lakes Crossings Outlet mall last week, the obvious caught my eye; a major FLORAL display at the Coach store!

I think I fell in love with every single item they had on display – I tried on each of the bags, twice, maybe even three times, but could not make up my mind so sadly walked out with nothing. (I know, that never happens).

The thing is, I plan on being at the mall again next weekend, so I can give myself some extra time to think about which one I really want (HA, all of them!).

The next thing is that I realize it’s an outlet store, so I understand that I might not be able to find these bags in the online store, but truthfully, I can’t find them anywhere! I’m thinking they look like they belong in the Spring 2016 Collection, but I’m not sure.

Nonetheless, these prints are fabulous and I definitely plan on choosing one of the bags next time I am at the outlets!

If anyone can help me identify which collection they are from, and/or help me decide which one to buy, let me know!


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Keeping on track with my interest of expensive sunglasses, I have also fallen in love with sunglasses from GENTLE MONSTER!

Similar to clothing, sunglasses are designed to a specific style, and most designers follow these trends each season, so many brands look similar. Which is okay, because I still think that each of these brands does something a little bit different with their design.

One of the things I love most about Gentle Monster is that their glasses are so unique – almost to the point where I’m not sure if I could pull them off, unless I was in NYC or LA… or anywhere in Europe, really.

My favourite pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses are the Big Bully style (first image above). I am obsessed with the thickness of the frames and the simple/classic style! In terms of pricing, these glasses are less expensive than the Dior ones, so they are a bit more of a realistic purchase.


Browsing on Net-A-Porter, Gentle Monster can be found in the New Designers section, or you can find them directly on their page at


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Last season my interest with sunglasses became very expensive; I had fallen in love with the Dior Technologic and Dior So Real sunglasses. I had seen these sunglasses in magazines, and on celebrities and other bloggers, but never before had the chance to try them on.

Last year, on a chilly May afternoon in New York City, I spotted a pair and decided to give them a shot. Well, once I did, my husband knew right away he was in trouble –  I was in L O V E !


Everything about them was magical – they felt great, so comfortable and cute. There was/is a downside though, the price! I mean, I don’t wear sunglasses too often since I wear prescription glasses everyday, so to justify spending more of less $600 on a pair of sunglasses, was just a bit out of the question.


To this day I have a slight obsession with these sunglasses – I try them on whenever I see them at a store; maybe hoping that in some miraculous way, the price will change, or that I will fall out of love with them. So far; neither has happened, but I have my hopes, right?




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Which magazine subscriptions do you currently have? 

Porter, Hapers Bazaar, Elle Canada

How long have you had these subscriptions for?

Porter and Bazaar for a few years only, but Elle for as long as I can remember.

What do you love most about having a subscription?

The magazine arrives right at your door, there are always extra gifts inside, and of course the subscribers rate is a steal!

Which magazine will you subscribe to next?

Definitely Women’s Health and a Home Decor magazine. I’m looking for a good deal for it!


Now that I think about it, there’s no better way to buy magazines than to subscribe to a year or two year plan! Not only do you pay less for each issue but they are delivered straight to your door! Talk about convenient!  I wish I knew this as a teen, ordering Teen Vogue!

I used to solely enjoy fashion and style magazines only; for the ads and photography, but never for the articles. I purchased Harpers Bazaar once in a while and always told myself I need to subscribe to it – when I finally did, it was like a new side to the fashion world!

Once Net-A-Porter came out with their magazine Porter, I knew I had to have it – I mean, one of my shopping sites and a magazine that promised insites on the fashion world in all different aspects! Again, once I subscribed, I didn’t even think twice – it was just one of those good decisions you make.

So if you’re like me, and L O V E magazines, see if you can find a good subscribers rate and try it out! You can always cancel your subscription if you decide it’s not for you!


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Although I have come to the conclusion that I don’t need any more clothes at the moment (my closet is overflowing and I basically cycle through a few favourites), I cannot guarantee that if any of these F L O R A L items go on sale, I will not buy them.

All of the items pictured in this post are from Zara; and they can be purchased at most stores and online! I’ll have to stop into the store sometime soon to try these on – although that may be risky, because I may become tempted to buy something.

Happy Friday!