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THAT feeling when you open a new book or journal for the first time; the delicate smell of the freshly printed paper, the excitement of finding out what kind of story awaits you on the following pages – it’s all such an inspiration for me to finally live out my dream of writing my own full book.

It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to write my own book, and only in these past few years has it become more of a reality than just a dream. I have read countless articles about how to write a book, gathered advice from authors I admire, but I’ve figured out it’s really all in my own head. Everyone has their own way when it comes to writing – some need a month on their own on a secluded island, while others work through their tales in their minds and jot notes down whenever an idea’s created. I think I’m somewhere in between. Some days I am so incredibly busy that I actually lose myself in the events of the day, and only come back to terms of reality when the project is done, while others, all I have to ponder are my own thoughts and ideas.

Another major aspect of attempting to write this book is the storyline itself – what will I write about? Will it be fact or fiction? Will it be a romantic story or thriller? I honestly, have so many different ideas that it’s hard to decide on just one. Although, I must admit, I think I have settled on one story in particular which I will attempt to write about – partly fact, but due to the sensitivity of the subject, some parts will have to be adjusted.

Nonetheless, if anyone has any advice for me on writing your first book, or has written one and would like to share their experience with me, please email me! I’d love to hear your feedback and advice!


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Usually when we go on vacation I like to bring a book or two to read during down times. Last month when we went on vacation I decided to only bring one book – I knew I needed more rest than before, and I’d only get through one book.

After a quick browse through my collection I decided on “The Best Kind of People”, which turned out to be a great choice!

Well, I read the book in two days! It was that good! Personally, I though the writing was great and the story itself was intriguing. The characters drew me in, and I felt like I wanted to know more with each page.

So the “Book of the Month” for the Month of May is “The Best Kind of People”. I highly recommend this book!

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I’m currently reading this book “The Girl Before” which I picked up at Indigo a few weeks ago. I’m sure I’d be done reading it by now if it wasn’t for this crazy busy lifestyle I lead, but, so far so good! I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends from the way it’s looking so far.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the storyline is quite interesting, especially for fans of “The Girl on the Train” or “The Woman in Cabin 10” (which I will do a review on shortly as well because it was AMAZING).

Although I am only halfway through the book, I feel that I will fly through it now that I have a little bit more time on my hands.

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List of the Week: List the routines in your personal life and work

This weeks reflection from the “52 Lists for Happiness” book is to list routines in your personal life and work. I think this is a great list for the week, especially following the list from last week ( week one: list what makes you happy right now).

Listing the routines in our personal life and work, helps us to analyze really, where the hours of our day go; how we spent our time daily, and how much of that time is spent wisely, or what can be changed.

Reflect long and hard on this one, and list ALL of the routines you have, even the simple, easy, and quick ones – each routine builds on your day, life, character.  I’m thinking that after completing this list,  you will be able to remove and add a few other routines to your schedule, to build on your lifestyle and happiness even more.

Let’s get writing!


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I have many favorite authors and writers that I share, but the one that comes to me automatically when asked “who’s your favorite?” is Kristin Hannah.

Kristins books work on me in a different way, for one, I cannot put her books down until I have read it entirely. Her story takes me through all my emotions, and completely pulls me into the storyline.

I recently finished reading “Firefly Lane” and it definitely brought out those same feelings. At work, while driving, all I could think about was what would happen next to the characters in the story.

The two other books that I have read, L O V E D, and would recommend by Kristin are Nightingale and Winter Garden. Both, very powerful story lines that drew me in from start to finish!

If you have any other recommendation for me by her, or someone else, please send them in!



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As you may have seen on Instagram, I recently went on a book splurge at one of my favourite bookstores;  I N D I G O, and definitely bought too many books. The problem is that I buy all of these books and then I don’t know which one to read first.

Since, the book I read prior to this splurge was a “Girl on the Train” type of book – which I will share with you on here next, most likely, I decided to go for an easier read; a family story, something lighter – in the sense of thrillers.

C O M M O N W E A L T H did just that for me; the author brought me into a different time period, pulled me into the lives of the characters, and made me question and want to dig deeper into the storyline. I enjoy books that give me that sense of freedom, because I love creating sub stories in my mind based on the story I am reading.

As always, I won’t go into detail of the storyline, but I will recommend it if you’re looking for a story that flips back and forth between characters and decades.



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I have always been a book worm; reading is just so calming and relaxing. I love how books are able to take us into an entirely different world, puts us in someone else’s shoes, and provides us with a different view.

Once I’m drawn into the story of a book, I can literally read anywhere, but that are certain times when I enjoy reading the most – that’s on a cozy evening in bed with a warm cup of tea, or a quiet morning with a cup of coffee. Having something warm to drink and a blanket to cuddle up in makes for the perfect reading combination.

Studies suggest that reading before bed goes both ways – I, myself, believe in the positive outcome of it. For one, it calms us (unless of course you’re reading something super intense), and it takes our thought away from our everyday thoughts. I’m sure we all have days when we just cant stop thinking, and everything that possibly could be going through our mind, goes through our mind!

R E L A Xstop all the thoughts in your mind, and drift into slumber.

As per the title, a chapter a day keeps the insomnia away – it sounds good, but I’d like to change it to “a chapter a night, calms the whirlpool of thoughts in your head“. Some people read more than a chapter, but for me, after a long day, a chapter is usually enough (especially during the week). Also, I find it depends on the time I slip into bed too; the earlier I get into bed, the more I can read.

Of course, I’m not saying this theory works every time, there are times when we jus tcant shut off, and we have to take different measures, but next time your brain is running wild and your body is telling you to sleep, try my book theory, and let me know how it works for you.