The hospital bags are packed, the baby clothes and blankets washed and ironed, the stroller and car seat are ready, and the baby room is complete. Now we are playing the waiting game for #BabyWiercinski to join us!

We are both so happy that the due date is coming up and that we will be meeting our little girl soon, but we also can’t believe how quickly these last few months have flown by. We were looking at pictures from the last few months and really so much has happened – from finding out we were expecting, to moving into our new house, and travelling – it was such a busy time for both of us.

The truth is, these last few weeks have been a bit more difficult for me, as I’m feeling much more “pregnant”. I’d say I’ve slowly started the winding down process, before I have to pick it up into full speed again when baby arrives. I’ve definitely been feeling much more exhausted, heavy, and simply put, slow recently. Now that I know that everything is ready for her arrival, I think my mind has finally given in and relaxed.

Nonetheless, no matter how nauseous, starving, or exhausted I’m feeling (sometimes all at once), I wouldn’t change this time for the world. I feel so blessed and happy to be on this journey, and already feel so in love with our little girl!

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