HELLO 2019

Time flies – I can’t believe it’s already 2019. I honestly feel like it was just Christmas 2017 and we were on our Louisiana/Tennessee adventure. I can still smell the pulled pork at Jack’s Bar-B-Que in Nashville! YUM!

Now is the time to look back on this last year; smile at all of the memories, grow in the changes, and evolve from our weaknesses.

To sum it up, 2018 was an absolutely crazy year for us; so many things happened and so many big things changed. I remember, sitting in a hotel in Nashville when I decided that it was going to be the year of “The Prettier Life”. I was going to make things happen, move ahead on a few ongoing projects, and rebuild and strengthen my happiness. That was the overall goal for myself.  I think I has been pretty effective with my goal and I’ve accomplished many of the things that were on my list. We definitely got our fair share of travelling in, and we made a huge life change by moving to a new city and literally starting a new life.

2018 at a Glance

Travel : We added a few new destinations to our map, but also got to visit a few favourites again! Birmingham, Alabama; New Orleans, Louisiana; Nashville, Tennessee; Cancun, Mexico; Scottsdale, Arizona; London, UK  – 3X; Wroclaw, Poland – 2X; Paslek, Poland – 2X; Sopot, Poland – 2X; Gdansk, Poland – 2X; Warsaw, Poland ; Lisbon, Portugal; Montreal, Quebec.

Lifestyle: First we bought some land, and then we bought a house project… but THEN we moved to a different City altogether. Unfortunately, all of that time spent on searching for the best land and then the house project will now be no good to us, as we have no plans on moving back to London to live in this house. On the other hand, Ottawa has been an absolute blast and we have completely fallen in love with this City. I can comfortably and proudly say that Ottawa is my home and I am beyond happy that we live here.

This move to Ottawa has also brought on a new mindset for me; a clear and fresh vision for a brighter future. During the first few months here, we were able to literally have a mini vacation from life; I was just starting to look for a new job, and my husband was going through training in his new role. This gave us the opportunity to really spend more real time together; cooking, exploring, and truly just living life to the fullest. I don’t remember a time before this where we actually had nothing going on and had that time for one another. It was actually the most perfect 5 months of my life. All of this, anticipating the fact that this would most likely be the one and only time we would have like this, so we of course used it to the fullest. Now we are both working non-stop full time, and it’s back to that “regular-programing” schedule. Which we are fine with; it’s what keeps us motivated and growing.

Overall, the year has been one like no other – we enjoyed every minute of it, and I feel so thankful for each and every day and moment. Everything that happened this year, both good, bad, scary, exciting, has all taught me something – which I am grateful for.

We already have a few exciting plans for 2019; a few projects, trips, and general plans – I can’t wait to see what this new year brings!

I wish you all a wonderful new year; a fresh start and outlook. May you all come one step closer to achieving your dearest and most magical dreams!


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