If you’ve been following the PFW stories recently then I’m sure you’ve heard all about the crisis unfolding in regards to CÉLINE {or should I say Celine}.

First off, my opinion is definitely not as strong as many others on this subject matter {as I really haven’t invested in the brands products yet..} – but I’d definitely say that I was a Céline follower and I love(d) the brand; the ready to wear collections were right up my alley, and I felt I could always find inspiration in the styles.

First, let’s recap what happened.

In a nutshell; Phoebe Philo left the brand and Hedi Slimane {coming from Saint Laurent} became the Creative Director for the brand. Small changes started occurring; such as the removal of the accent in the E in CÉLINE, which threw the fashion world into alarm mode. THEN, the runway show occurred, and the fashion world went into crisis mode.

So here we are now; hours after the SS19 show at Paris Fashion Week… and there are SO many opinions floating around; but to be honest, I’m mostly hearing and reading negative opinions. People are disappointed at the major change in the style of the collection; going from an empowering modern feminine style to mini skirts + sequins confused and angered long time Céline fans – no kidding!  Let’s compare:





The major change from one collection to the other is the basic fact of vibe that has been created. Philo worked hard to promote a minimalistic; modern; “all and any woman can wear” style, which didn’t involve the pressures of showing off legs or tight silhouettes. This sense of style guided and empowered everyday females to build their wardrobes based on comfort and class. Enter Slimane. Looking at the SS19 show I no longer feel modern and classy; but rather “Saturday night luxy club scene” + “mandated trend follower”. All of the modern comfort has disappeared and been replaced with the street style curse and pressure to be on trend.

Now, these changes could be as a result of a few factors; the fact that we are looking at trends and styles from a year apart and the fact that the Director is now different.  BUT; a fashion houses signature style and tone of collection should not change THAT drastically from season to season no matter what the trends are calling for that year.

Either way, I think my final call on this is that I’m sad and disappointed. I’m sad that the fashion house now has an entirely different sense and feel. I had such respect for the brand because it kept to clean lines and simpler modern styles – and now that this has changed, I’m not so sure I’m happy about it either. After analyzing and comparing I think I’m starting to understand and agree with the term of “Celine Funeral” that has been floating around…

The question now is; are we supposed to go out and start buying all things Céline pre SS19? Will these pre SS19 pieces become vintage + highly wanted items in a few years? Will this affect the pricing of the pre SS19 pieces? I don’t know if I have the answers to these questions but I’m definitely searching for them!

What are your thoughts on the changes?

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