Reflection journaling has become ALL THE HYPE these days – everywhere I turn I see someone either writing in one, or talking about it. Honestly, I’m loving this because I think they are such a great way to [first of all] reflect on your daily actions and feelings, and to gain some insight into what’s really happening in your mind.

Often, our day to day thoughts don’t touch on the specific topics which these journals push us to discover. Once you are “forced” to sit down and think about a specific event or feeling, indicated by the journal, many other bursts of information may come up. So, you want to get started with one of these but have no idea where to start or which one to choose?  Let me help you get started.

Although there are many options for these types of reflection journals these days, there are two specific ones that I personally love and would recommend. Here’s a quick comparison of the two of them to give you a better idea on which one you want to dive into first:



One question/prompt a week. This gives you seven days to think about and reflect on the question asked. The following week a new one is posed.

Attempts to discover various topics such as reflect; acknowledge, invest, and transform.

Colorful and very pretty internal and external design (lots of floral)

$16.95 CAD

The same questions are asked in the morning and the evening; every single day for as long as you continue the journal. A different quote is offered on each page.

Questions focused on the days feelings and/or events; gratitude and affirmations.

Classic beige external design and black and white interior design.

$26.95 CAD

Personally, I have enjoyed the 52 Lists of Happiness journal because I enjoy being challenged with a new question each week, and I like having those 7 days to think about and add to my respone.

It’s all personal preference though!


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