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Could this be part two of my Shades of Blue post? Or, does this just mean that I’m following my THEORY? I think it’s a little bit of both.

Ever since I’ve come to terms with my style; colours I enjoy wearing, etc., it seems as though all of my outfits have become grouped into a similar category. Well, that is what I was going for though, wasn’t it. It definitely was. I want to be able to wear ALL of my clothes regularly, and to be able to mix and match all of the items. I used to have a randomly coloured of printed top that I could only wear with one other item, and it literally made me crazy – so I gave that top away; along with a few hefty bags of other items which I felt the same way about.

There’s no better feeling than looking into your closet and knowing that [mostly] all of your clothes can be worn together – and I’m talking about the regulars, not the evening gowns etc… Everyday clothes that you pick out for your daily outfits – those ones. ootd, outfit inspiration, the prettier life, ottawaI’m sure you’ve seen this skirt plenty of times on me, and that’s because its one of those classic pieces I can’t get enough of and wear constantly.  I’m thinking that the ripped denim trend is not stopping so I should be good with it for the next little while. The top was a gift from my sister-in-law, and the sweater is my mothers. Personally, I would have never purchased anything in his shade of neon anymore, but these two ladies made it work.

Also, I was able to take my darling Michael Kors Mercer out for a stroll, and I’m still as in love with it as I was the day I saw it sitting on the shelf in the store waiting for me. Some things are just meant to be!

Altogether, the outfit is pretty simple, a little bit outside of my comfort zone [ the top + colour choice especially ] but it felt right for this scorching hot Sunday afternoon in Ottawa – so I made it work.

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