Kristin Hannah, Book Review


“It had been an amazing trip north on the mostly unpaved ALCAN Highway. Their first true family vacation. Days driving in bright sunlight; nights spent camping beside raging rivers and quiet streams, in the shadows of saw-blade mountain peaks, huddled around a fire, spinning dreams of a future that felt closer every day. They roasted hot dogs for dinner and made smores for dessert and shared dreams about what they would discover at the end of the road…” – The Great Alone; Kristin Hannah

There hasn’t been a single book written by Kristin Hannah which I have not fallen in love with. The authors latest and greatest; The Great Alone fits into that category with ease.

This time, Kristin takes her readers into the world of wilderness and beauty of Alaska. A compelling story of growing up surrounded by a different than usual world; varying personalities; and challenges no one should ever have to face on their own.

Without giving too much detail away, it’s a story of deep unconditional love + loyalty.

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