For those who are looking for healthy, organic, or fresh from the farm products, Farmer’s Markets are a true gem – especially for those who live in the heart of a big city and don’t have too much spare time to venture out to these local farms. (Yes, most stores carry “fresh from the field” products, but read on, and you’ll see why a Farmer’s Market is worth your while).

Since moving to Ottawa, one of our main weekend attractions has been searching for these organic + fresh from the farm products. We have ventured outside of the city as well to a few farms to pick our own strawberries, raspberries, or currant, but always find ourselves being drawn back to these farmers markets. Here are my top three picks for Farmer’s Markets to venture out to this summer:


The Carp Farmer’s Market, located in (you guessed it) Carp, is open on Saturday’s between 8:00am – 1:00pm, from May to October. The Market features an incredible selection of locally grown fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, flowers + plants, and arts and crafts. At the entrance of the Market you will find a few food stations with hot and ready items to try (and snack on) while you shop around. One of the biggest fan favourites is the bacon on a bun; the lineup always seems never ending. Across the street from the Market, sits the cutest + coziest coffee shop called Alice’s Village Cafe we like to stop in for a coffee (and sometimes a snack) before or after our Farmer’s Market adventures. Click here to read more about our experience at the Carp Farmer’s Market.


Located in the heart of The Glebe, this Farmer’s Market also boasts all of your favourite fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and plants + flowers, and is open on Sundays between 9:00am – 3:00pm. Although the layout is set up into two rows, it never takes us just two strolls up and down to look at everything. One of the main reasons why this market is at the top of my list (besides the delicious selection) is the fact that it’s inside a park, minutes from the canal, and next to one of my all time favourite food markets; WHOLE FOODS. Before moving to Ottawa, Whole Foods Markets were merely a destination for me while on trips to the USA (I believe I spent na hour in the store in San Francisco), but now that it’s right at my fingertips it’s become my actual grocery go-to for specific organic and healthy products.


This Market, open on Saturdays between 9:30am – 3:00pm, stretches linearly through Byron Park in the beautiful Westboro neighbourhood, where vendors bring forth a great selection of organic and healthy options. In addition to the Market shopping, you can cross the street and enter into the heart of Westboro where you will find neat shops and cozy restaurants; including many healthy and vegan options as well.  PLUS if you’re feeling the need for some clothes shopping as well, you’ll find unique boutiques along the street, as well as one of the most popular Lululemon store locations in Ottawa.

I definitely don’ need much convincing for why a trip to the Farmer’s Market can turn into an adventure on its own. Not only are Farmer’s Markets a great place to pick up fresh products, but they’re also a nice place to just stroll around and take in the atmosphere and environment. Many Markets offer food stands with hot/cold snacks that are ready to eat; keep in mind that these yummy snacks are usually also organic and fresh from the farm! BONUS! Most are situated in quaint neighbourhoods you can venture out to after your shopping!

Best to set aside a few hours to a trip to the Farmer’s Market these days!

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