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C O A C H is a global household name; mostly popular in North America but gradually making its way over the European market. Personally, I’ve been surrounded by Coach all my life; from the browsing stages to the purchasing. Today, I am the proud owner of many Coach handbags, wallets, backpacks, and other fine accessories that I feel confident enough to write my honest and educated review of the brands products.

Since there is a strong appeal to BACKPACKS these days (because of the fashion trends, back to school mentality, and just in general because backpacks are comfy and practical) I decided I would give you a few main reasons why a Coach backpack is totally worth your time + money. Not only for the season, but for many years to come. Generally, the pros mentioned impact all of the Coach products.

1. QUALITY MATERIALS – Coach products are so carefully designed that you can actually appreciate the stitching on any leather product you pick up. The material is so incredibly durable that it’s actually a struggle to wear it down and give yourself an excuse to  buy another one. In terms of my favorite little backpack, the attention to detail is amazing – the minimal design is neatly sewn in, the interior is perfectly lined, and the sticking around the edges is clean and precise. The grained leather minimizes the chances for scratches.

2. COMFORTABLE – Not only is the material super soft and durable, these backpacks are also very comfortable. The straps are a soft yet durable leather, which allows them to be flexible, and to take on the necessary shape (such as your back and shoulders). Although the mini backpack does not provide too much back support, the way the backpack sits on your back is the perfect medium to the “too low” or “too high” theory. In addition, the straps are adjustable which really makes it customizable to your needs for back support and position.

3. FASHION FORWARD DESIGN – Coach combines trends with class and creates beautiful products for all of its target markets (which really seems to be just about everyone these days because of the product diversity). By maintaining the design fairly classic and adding details such as embellishments or delicate designs, Coach ensures that the product will be viewed as both trendy and practical. My favorite part about this brand is that I know that the majority of their products will never go out of style, simply because of the sophisticated way that they are able to add a classic and modern take on designer trends.

4. PRICE POINT ON POINT – The value of the product and the forever wearability that you will get out of the product is totally worth the funds. Backpacks range from $100-$500; depending on the collection of course. BUT if you have ever been to a Coach Outlet store in North America then you know you can easily score a Coach product at a much lower discounted price point. Just this past weekend the discount at the Coach Outlet here in Ottawa was 60% off the entire store, plus an additional 20% off clearance. Of course, the outlet stores usually carry different products that the boutique locations, but you can still find similar products; and you can definitely count on the product being just as great!

5. CLASSIC FOREVER BRAND– This is a brand that you can hand down to generations. Being one of the worlds best known design houses and a proudly American company, the products will never become indifferent to buyers. The fact that you will be able to wear your product year-round (unless it’s a tote bag and it’s pouring Niagara style then maybe rethink a closed / covered bag) will make it that much more practical and coveted for you.

So, all in all, that gives you a pretty good idea of why I would suggest investing in a Coach product, and especially if you’re looking for a designer backpack.

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