It’s been a long time coming for this and it finally happened. I’ve FINALLY created my own blog domain; no more Blogger or WordPress endings. We are now operating fully on our own domain and it feels so good!

I’ve had some time recently to reevaluate my goals + passions and it has led me to this. I always tell people to follow their dreams and to just go for it with something they feel passionate about. I’ve finally taken my own advice {with the support of a few good friends + of course my husband} and decided it was time to branch off into my own online space (domain, technically).

The minute I received the confirmation email with the domain registration I got butterflies in my stomach – this is your place in the online world, like, did I just buy a house or something? Now what. All of a sudden a thousand different ideas crossed my mind – where do I start now; the template, the posts, the social media? Luckily, being the organized control freak that I am, I knew exactly where to start. The notebook obviously.

So, it’s all coming together slowly, and I m  beyond thrilled for this new outlet and experience. As always, I’m happy to continue to inspire those who follow my posts – there really aren’t many other things that bring me as much happiness, as those that I discuss + share on my blog.

Thank you for all the support as we continue to grow + build The Prettier Life!

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