Growing up I told myself I would work and live in the heart of the City – there’s a type of lifestyle downtown that I craved; big city + corporate life. Funny enough, now that I’m “all grown up” I run as far away from all of that as I possible can. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending time in the city, corporate structures are necessary, and city life is enticing, BUT, I’m happier in the suburbs.

When planning our move to Ottawa this year we were beyond excited for the opportunity. Whoever we talked to and whatever we read about life in the Capital region was right up our alley; just what we were looking for in our lifestyle choices. Settling in a BIG CITY but living in a small town vibe was just what we wanted. It takes us 20 minutes to drive into the heart of Ottawa (Parliament Hill), and we are situated in a quaint family oriented suburb, surrounded by endless fields, greenery, and all the necessities (grocery stores, shopping malls, etc). Keeping in mind, as I mentioned, we are 15 minutes away from the heart of the City.

I can say honestly, with my hand on my heart, this is perfection. Waking up to the sunshine beaming through my windows, and looking out to see fields, greenery, and homes in the distance. They layout is truly ideal for our liking. Not only is everything close by, but when we do decide to go into “the City” it feels so much more special.

Last weekend, we took our Friday Night Date Night right into the heart of the City, into an incredibly pretty location called Byward Market. The date started with wood-oven pizza and Chardonnay, on a cozy flower covered patio, overlooking the picture perfect market promenade. After dinner, we picked a direction and started walking, discovering whatever was ahead of us; in this case, Embassy’s, museums, and some of the most beautiful architecture and views in the city.

Every single time we step out of our home we find a new and beautiful location in this City. There is still so much we have to explore and I can’t wait share more experiences of this mesmerizing region with you!

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