How many hours a day do you spend on your phone/tablet/computer? Do you spend more time “living” on an electronic device than you do in the “real world”. I must’ve admit that I have been guilty of this type of lifestyle. When you’re chasing your dreams and working hard, it’s hard not to spend hours on your electronic devices writing posts and coming up with content for your social media accounts. I’d transition from being on a computer all day at work, to spending my evenings on my phone or laptop working on content and researching inspiration.

About a year ago, I decided it was time to take control of this precious time and rethink my social media strategy vs. being aware and present regularly. On a side note; it’s actually not healthy at all to be facing a screen for that many hours – so that can be a motivator on its own.

It wasn’t as easy as I had thought it would be. Although I own many journals, it was always easier to jot things down on my phone. For starters, my phone was always by my side. Luckily, there was an easy fix for this. I bought myself a small journal which I was able to fit into the majority of my handbags. I make sure to pack a journal with me now wherever I go, and to pull it out to jot down notes even for the smaller things.

Another time when I realized I was too focused and engaged with my phone than my actual surroundings was during our travels. I was always so anxcious to take photos, share my experiences, and connect with others during my vacations; this actually left me minimum time to actually live in the moment and breathe in the experiences. On our most recent trip to Europe I decided I would take this measure further; I grabbed my phone only to take photos. After taking the photos, I wouldn’t post them right away. I used social media minimally and was able to be present and take in all the experiences on the trip fully! By seeing the trip through my own two eyes rather than my camera lens I felt that I truly had a vacation.

Now, please don’t take this post literally to the point where you don’t use your social media at all. PLEASE use social media! It’s one of the most powerful and inspiring tools we have in this world. But, use it wisely! What’s most important in life is your presence and your memories – that is to be cherished.


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