H E L L O from OTTAWA!

Although our home is not entirely complete yet, I wanted to share a few photos of our place! The first photo is of our main dining room area. The space overlooks green space and a little lake. The flooring is a hardwood in a dusty grey tone; which looks amazing against the white furniture. The mirror sitting on the cabinets will most likely be hung on that wall, but we are still debating what to do in that little corner. The curtains were a quick purchase from Ikea, but I think they are perfect! The colours in the pattern are light grey, dark grey, and mustard yellow – so, all of my favourites for interior design.


This area is my little library/reading nook; or so I like to call it. It’s also my dads favourite spot in the house (probably because he loves books just as much as I do…). I haven’t been able to organize my books yet (yes, I put them in a specific order), but this is most likely what this shelf will look like.  Again, we are debating on handing the frames, but aren’t quite sure yet.  The curtains are the same ones as in the previous photo – I fell in love with them and just couldn’t resist putting them up in a few windows. The chair is still missing my cozy white reading blanket; which is currently in the washing machine.


Another one of my favourite areas of this house is the second bathroom upstairs; which I have entirely taken over and will be using as my own. I have organized each drawer for a different purpose of my cosmetic routine; facial care, makeup, hair products, and nail product. There are also another cabinet to the left which holds my remaining “necessities” and really just extra items. If there is some interest, I will do a review of my favourite products in these drawers in a later post sometime.


Bedroom #1 – of course, in a warm mustard yellow accent colour. There really isn’t must more to this room at the moment.


My wardrobe – obviously we had to find a house that would allow me to have an entire room to use as my closet. The scary part is, that I still need more space for all my things, and all of my footwear is actually in the guest room, but, this will have to do for now. This room is also not finished yet, so here’s just a sneak peek of one corner of it.


There are still many areas of this house that I need to finish organizing, and maybe then I’ll be able to show more photos. We’ll see how much time I have on my hands though.

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