Things are constantly changing in our lives; small or big, there is always something happening. About two months ago, my husband and I made one of the biggest deicsions possible – we decded to take a job opportunity in a different city; 6 hours away from our family!

Looking at it from both perspectives; a) it doesnt seem like a big deal, what’s a six hour drive, but on the other hand, b) it’s a huge difference from having both sets of parents 5 minutes away… nevertheless, we decided to go for it.

So, two months have passed;  54 boxes and 22 pieces of furniture later, we are here. All moved in, into our quaint new home in Ottawa.  Although we havent had too much time to venture out and explore the city, we have noticed that we are situated in a perfect location, close to all the major amentities such as grocerry stores, shopping, etc.

It’s been so exhausting, but at the same time exciting moving into our new place; thank god for my parents and our friends for their help – we would not be in the state we are if it wasn’t for them. Although we are all moved in, there is still unpacking and organizing that needs to be done; which is actually one of the things I look forward to.

Once I get a few more areas organized  in our home I’ll write a post and share some photos!

Overall, we are STOKED to be here and to begin this new chapter of our lives!


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