Bikini season is upon us; even though it’s only April, I felt that this topic be covered ahead of time so we can all prep accordingly – and by prep, I mean start your search for which one you will be buying this year {if you don’t already have it}!

I will first say, that by living in Canada, I definitely do not wear Bikinis as often as I would like, but there is a plus side to that {believe it or not}! Since I don’t wear them out as much as I would if I wore them often, I have nothing stopping me in buying more “exclusive” bikinis, which of course are more expensive. Since I don’t wear them as often, they basically remain in brand new condition for years – so, it’s worth it!

So, which bikinis are on my radar and which ones would I recommend? Well, there actually aren’t many, but the few that I will discuss in this post, you can be sure are great choices and that the information is coming right from my heart.


Most of you probably remember when TRIANGL bikinis hit the market a few years ago – everyone had one {original or recreated by another brand}! These bikinis were hot commodities! I wan to say that this hype has died down a bit recently, but that doesn’t mean that the brand has stopped creating fantastic products! 

I got my first TRIANGL in 2015, as a birthday gift from my husband. I’ve taken it on every vacations so far, and it’s still in perfect condition! The colors have not faded, nothing has stretched or shrunk; I literally have nothing had to say about it! Of course, I care for it like I would a baby – I store it in the original packaging, never wear it in a jacuzzi, rinse it out and leave it to air dry after any pool use, and hand wash it only.

I’d like to say that any style you choose from the brand you will be satisfied with;  but since I’m being entirely transparent, I’ll say that I have only ever tried on the XXX model, so I really don’t have any experience with the other ones. Although, based on how great this one is, I’d think it’s safe to say that no matter which one you pick you will be in love with it right away!

In terms of sizing, I would say that this bikini fits true to size, but it’s important to keep in mind that due to the style, the pieces do provide more coverage all around so if you want some extra room, maybe go a size up?

Price wise, the Poppy Peach Soda Model is currently priced at $89. I’m not too sure about discounts for this brand, but it’s always good to keep an eye on the site just in case something comes up!



After the TRIANGL hype started quieting down, the KIINI appeared in front of me; pure love overtook me right away when I saw the cut and details of the pieces! As with many things, I took my sweet time in making my purchase of this bikini, and I just bought my first one a month or so ago! 

The KIINI is very different from the TRIANGL. For starters, the bikini bottom is MUCH more cut out; allowing for a better tan and more comfort {in my opinion}. The detailing on the bikini is insane! Everything is hand sewn, the elastics so carefully threaded through the weaved string; I can’t get over it.

Seeing as there is so much detail and delicate structure to this bikini I definitely recommend hand washing only, rinsing after every use right away to avoid that chlorine smell and damage, and avoiding the jacuzzis and hot tubs. 

In terms of sizing, I would say definitely follow the size chart that the site offers – I’ve heard some say that the sizing runs small, but I guess it really depends how you want to wear it; coverage wise. I tried on both a medium and a large bikini top and the only difference I found was the length of the elastic, so if you’re looking for more coverage, this may not be the bikini for you.

Currently, the pricing for the Luna bikini top is $165 and for the bottom it’s $120. If you’re not in a rush to buy one now, keep an eye on the website as they sometimes offer discounts on specific styles.



After my first KIINI arrived in the mail, and I tried it on, I knew I’d be hooked! Since, like I mentioned earlier, I don’t really wear bikinis enough to own a few pairs, I decided I didn’t NEED another two piece so I set my focus on one pieces! I think the last time I wore a one piece I was 9, so this was going to be interesting.

The research for this one piece KIINI has started, I’ve browsed all the possible hashtags and social media pages, blogs, and articles about these bikinis, and I’ve had the chance to physically try one on. True to my assumptions, it was perfect and I will definitely be buying this one in the near future! {unfortunately the boutique which I tried it on at didn’t have an assortment of sizes and I wasn’t too into the ones they had}.

The one piece Scoop back Maillot is $315. As I mentioned above, if you’re not in a rush to buy one now, keep an eye on the w site as they sometimes offer discounts on specific styles.



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