Relaxing on one of these lounge chairs after a facial, I had some time to reflect on a few things that I’ve had on my mind recently. One of the major ones being, that people are being driven by social media “norms” more and more, and therefore, causing them to lose sight of themselves, their opinions, and their own individual ideas. So, instead of relaxing and NOT thinking in this “Relaxation Space” my mind was spinning with thoughts… and so this is where it led me…

It’s incredible how influential social media can be – of course this works both ways, both in a positive and a negative manner. It’s great to see what others are doing with their lives; what they are buying and wearing, where they are traveling to, etc. Social Media is one of the strongest forms of inspiration and motivation, when used correctly! For example, I find a lot of my outfit, travel, and blog content inspiration on Social Media BUT that’s just it, it’s JUST inspiration! I don’t think it’s okay to mimic someone’s Instagram page style and format – like, isn’t that considered a form of plagiarism! I’m not here to call anyone out, but it’s pretty weird when your mom lets you know that someone is copying you on Instagram… “she just posted XXX, didn’t you just post that last week”. Yes mother, I definitely did JUST post that. The distinction between inspiration and plagiarism is clearly not evident for this person; shame on you. That’s not okay.

The point of this post is not to point out the {hopefully} obvious, but to speak about the importance of YOU DO YOU. Yes, there is a book with that title, I haven’t read it, I’m assuming it’s in line with this post, but I am in no way relating to it here. The fact here is, if you feel inspired by someone’s post, recreate it with a personal touch – maybe ASK them for some advice or tips on how they build their content – there’s many ways to get your creative juices flowing if you’re stuck in a creative rut! 

What worries me, really is the fact that Social Media content is losing its uniqueness, basically because of the above mentioned type of people. Social Media outlets are meant for showing off YOURSELF; your talents, interest, life, etc. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but personally, I don’t see the point of having a Instagram page for example, if you’re just going to post other people’s ideas.  The idea is to share with the world {your friends, families, other people with similar interests who will find you through PROPERLY USED hashtags} your creativity! I love coming across a unique page;it’s usually fairly clear to distinguish between a page on which someone takes care and passion in a post, and a page where someone just posted someone because they {almost saying} felt they should. There’s no SHOULD POST in this game, you post because YOU want to express yourself, not because you think you have to because others are doing it. 

Through this post, I hope to inspire you to DO YOU! Show yourself off! We all have an incredible amount of creativity and it’s all so unique! The world WANTS to see that! So START SHARING your original ideas and content; even if they are inspired by others; that’s a great place to start! But, never lose track of yourself in this social media world!

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  1. I agree, social media is a great motivator. There are so many creative visionaries out there and these apps make it a whole lot easier to find them. However it is important, as you said, to maintain a clear and distinct boundary of who you are and who they are. We are all unique and set apart in our own lane for an individual purpose. As long as we remain content with our lives, we will have no problem admiring and applauding the next person!

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