Since I’m on this huge sneaker love high these days,  I thought I should share my thoughts on other pairs of sneakers, and not just my obsession of Alexander McQueen’s. So, what other pair to talk about, then THE MOST TALKED ABOUT sneakers worldwide at the moment: BALENCIAGA TRIPLE S COLOURWAYS and LOUIS VUITTON ARCHLIGHT SNEAKERS.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love a “different” or “unique” item, and as much as I want to love these sneakers, I’m just not there yet. Maybe they will grow on me, maybe not, we will see.  Either way, they are all the HYPE nowadays; looking at pictures from fashion weeks and street style shots, everybody and their grandma are wearing them!

Starting off with the Balenciaga Triple S Colourways. these shoes come in a classic white with black detailing, but also in various multicoloured detailing. They are chunky, and as I read somewhere, being called  “the ugly dad shoe”. It’s funny actually, because I saw someone today, a dad, and he was wearing white sneakers that resembled these – so what’s the deal? Honestly, the uglier the better. These shoes are priced at roughly $850 USD per pair and are constantly sold out – I guess this is a similar trend with sneakers these days. If you are one of the lucky ones who get’s their hands on these, the sizes do run high, so think about grabbing a size down from your regular size.

Louis Vuitton, on the other hand, has taken a similar route with the “ugly” sneaker trend, but, from my perspective, opted for less of the chunky sole look, but more of a unique sole. The brands Archlight sneakers are also available in a white base colour with various other coloured detailed. These ring in at $1,340 USD. Personally, I think I would probably go for buying these as opposed to the balenciagas, but then again, I still haven’t warmed up to either really, so it’s not necessarily my choice.

I guess now we wait and see how long these are hot commodities, and what else in this style comes into the market!

Which one’s do you prefer?

Sandra Hagelstam // 5 inch and up



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