WELCOME the Prada Cahier bag; the bag we can’t get enough of, and Prada is well aware of this.

Personally, I’ve been back and forth with this bag for a while now – maybe since I first started seeing it on social media last year… and then I started seeing it everywhere… so if anything, I blame the influencers for being too good, and influencing me.

I still can’t really make my mind up if I love it or I don’t – I’ve tried it on a few times and it’s like I fall in love each time but then something draws me back.

I love the finishes on it, the details, the heavy buckle at the front, and I’m obsessed with the strap! I think what draws me away is the actual design -maybe it’s that accordion style structure that just doesn’t feel right for me… I’m very confused.

The price for this bag starts at $2,700 USD.

Looking through images of this bag I literally think to myself; why are you even debating this – Prada is SUCH a classic, it’s a cross body with an adjustable strap, the size is perfect, just get it!  It’s not that easy, and I’m not here to break my THEORY rules just yet.

I do believe that another trip to Prada though is in store for me to evaluate this feeling more closely – hopefully my husband is reading this and can agree!

Someone tell me you feel the same way about this bag!


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