So the trend continues; my spring uniform is coming together, slowly but surely. We had a nice few days of temperature in the double digits, but unfortunately that didn’t last too long and we are now back to single digits, strong winds, and… SNOW?

This outfit photo was taken last weekend, during one of those hopeful spring days, when we all thought the chilly winter days were behind us. This particular saturday night was spent enjoying dinner and drinks, and celebrating a friends 30th birthday! The vibes, fairly casual, for such a fashionable european crowd. I decided to keep it simple and comfy, and to stick to my spring uniform mantra; sneakers, jeans, sweater top, and a tweed coat.

In all honestly, not much thought went into my outfit on the day of the event, simply because I was able to follow my theory of less is more, and making sure that MOST items in my closet can be worn together. Therefore, as I was picking out my outfit, I literally, opted for the most comfortable and appropriate two pieces I wanted to wear, and BAM, they paired together perfectly.

I honestly believe all I need in life in terms of clothes are comfy sweaters and jeans. If I had to choose two types of clothing to wear for the rest of my life, those would be it. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing, or because I’m cold practically all year (winter, AC, etc).

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