The plan was to post our New Orleans (post linked here) and Nashville trip together in one post, but when I started putting photos together, I realized there were just TOO MANY I wanted to share to squeeze them all into one post. So, here is part two of our December adventure: NASHVILLE, TENNESSE!

Nashville, Tennessee

After a few days in New Orleans, we drove back upstate and into Nashville. I had two major reasons why I wanted to visit Nashville; a) I am a big fan of barbeques, pulled pork and smoked meats -I’m actually a very picky eater, but when it comes to these meats, I can’t help myself, and b) ever since I started watching the show Nashville on Netflix, I became very interested in the City and just dreamed of sitting in a bar with live country music.


On this trip, both of these reasons became a reality! Although we only spent a couple of days in Nashville, I fell in love with the City, and am already thinking of when we can go back.  Whenever we travel to a new City, we try to split our time because the tourist must sees and the local vibes, as we want to really get a glimpse of the local lifestyles, but of course, still want to experience the highlights that the city has to offer.


Although this was a quick trip, and we usually like fly out somewhere warmer during the winter months, we have created great memories on this trip, and are glad we did something different, or out of the ordinary. One of our main travel goals for the next years is to visit places we haven’t been to before; of course places like Poland, Britain, Austria, and Mexico can’t be avoided, we will try our best to step out of our comfort zone for other travels.

Happy March First!

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