Since here in Canada we have four beautiful seasons, there’s always a certain excitement when a new one begins! Previously, I’ve talked about my style transition, which I like to refer to as my uniform, from summer to fall (which is my favorite, because I love boots and sweaters). This time, I’ll be sharing with you my winter to spring transition.

Since I have become more conscious of my true style, I’ve learned to shop more specifically and have been able to find products that can be worn transitionally and throughout more than one season. This is actually a lifesaving trick; the whole less=more theory makes choosing outfits so much easier + you wear what you LOVE all of the time! I found that when I had so many choices, I was really still just trying to find “my style” and putting different items together – although  I enjoyed my outfits, there’s a certain feeling that wasn’t quite there; that feeling that you actually LOVE what you’re wearing!

So, with Spring being just around the corner, I’ve started getting super excited to be able to pull out my lighter clothing, footwear, and accessories. So far, I’m thinking that I’ve got it all figured out and this Spring, it will be all about these following items.

White Sneakers:  White Sneakers have been a staple item for many years now, only in the last few years has their style evolved into a theme that some categorize as “unique” and some “ugly”. Personally, I started and stopped at the Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers, as I think that’s as far as my personal style can manage. That’s not to say that all of those Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton trainers haven’t caught my eye…

Denim Forever: Denim needs no introduction; it never has and never will. Denim is the most common and staple, and literally can be worn almost always, with anything! I’ll be sticking to my classic black and lightly washed natural blue jeans (frayed and ripped) this season.

Oversized Cozy Sweaters: I think that I actually LIVE in sweaters and cozy knitwear for 9 months of the year. I love the oversized ones the most!

Trenchcoats + Light Puffer Jackets: Since the weather still likes to surprise us this season, it’s good to have a light puffer jacket or trenchcoat on hand. I like to transition my fall jackets into spring, especially my new Michael Kors navy blue one that I got this past year!

Generally, springtime is a good time to bring out/back the pretty pastel colours, and just in general it’s a good time to bring colour back into our wardrobes. Although I prefer these grey tones, whites, blacks, and denims, I do have a theory to wearing colour in my outfits. But, more on that in a later post!

Happy Monday!



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