Following the minimalistic trend I started discussing earlier in the week; it’s time to focus on one of the main “minimalistic items” I love: W A T C H E S.

First off… Let’s talk about the Daniel Wellington and Cluse watches… They are everywhere – so what’s the deal?

I’ve been doing some research, and really am not finding too much about either brand that could give me a better understanding about why these watches have become such a big deal. Basically, I want to say it comes down to two things: the overall simplicity of the watches + the social media publicity and popularity each has received; therefore making it that much more popular.

There are varying opinions on these watches; such as that they are only popular because of the social media outreach they have, the watches are comparable to those non-designer one for half the price, etc.

I won’t say I have an opinion either way yet, because I’d like to have an even closer look at them and compare them a bit more, but I will say that I LOVE how they look, and I think the style is exactly what we are all looking for now – simple and chic.

Of course, there are many other brands who offer this type of watch style that you can consider, if you aren’t sure of the Daniel Wellington or the Cluse, but still want that simplistic and mature style.



From top left: Marc Jacobs // Kapton and Son // Olivia Burton // Olivia Burton // Paul Hewitt

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