Less is More they say – and I agree!

Minimalism has been taking over part of the fashion world for some time now – of course, there is still a large population who is all about details and all things opposite minimalism, but it really seems like everywhere I look on social media, the style is leading towards minimalism.

From clothing to accessories, it seems that the less colour mixing and crazy patterns, the better. Again, depending on the type of style you have, where you live, etc. Personally, I’ve done a bit of reorganizing and rethinking of my entire closet, accessories, etc, and I’m basically down to a very minimalistic style. I have many tricks and tips to share on how to create your own style and outfits, to ensure that you truly get the wear out of them they deserve, and you look your very best.


First of all, try the minimalistic view, less is more, and follow that rule whenever you can. When putting together an outfit, don’t always try to force an extra piece of jewelery, or a belt to “complete you look”.

You shouldn’t feel that you must have a strong smokey eye and bright lip… pick one or the other.

Try sticking to two colours in your outfits that complement each other well, or if you go for more, make sure they are either basic colours such as black and white with a red, for example OR try different shades of grey.

Keeping things simple, means keeping them classy, feminine, and delicate!



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