“Stop looking for H A P P I N E S S in the same place you lost it”

There’s someone so powerful about this statement, especially at this time of the year. Every year when January rolls around and we start a new year, many of us set new goals and challenges for ourselves, find ways to implement positive changes, and do an overall review of our lifestyles, in hopes of reinventing our lives for the better. ALL very positive and achievable factors which I love, and live by myself.

So, now that we have this lifestyle plan figured out, we just need to determine a manner for which we will carry it out in. This is where today’s quote comes in. On this gloomy and rainy winter Friday, as I was sipping my morning tea, I came across this quote, by my daily inspiration; KAYLA ITSINES, and I literally stopped scrolling for a minute and just reflected on it. Automatically, this put a smile on my face because of its reality and authenticity – I love it!

The truth is, we can find HAPPINESS all around us, but of course, there are places which are better for us to look for it than others. I normally don’t do this, but think back to a place or memory where you weren’t yourself, weren’t in your happy place, and overall were not enjoying life. Try to think of a location, a specific place, a mindset – and the reasoning for that mentality. Now, DON’T GO THERE to find your happiness. In fact, place it on the far sidelines, end of the bench, and rip that page from your notebook. Time to start a clean sheet of paper, a new chapter, and a new team to help you achieve and find your true happiness.

If you didn’t full achieve your goals from last year, think why you didn’t, what the mindset was, what the plan was, and simply don’t repeat that thinking it will work out this time. IT WONT. if it didn’t work for you in the first place, there’s a reason for it – so don’t waste your time and energy recreating. Instead, redirect that energy to creating a different headspace, different motivation, a different location to find your happiness.

For example, last year I worked out in one of the spare rooms in my house; it was an okay experience, and I found that I just couldn’t stay as motivated as I wanted to. This year, I decided to move my “workout space” to a different location of the house, overlooking the city through large windows. I’m thinking this small change will really impact the way my motivation shifts to a more positive outlook on staying on track with a workout plan.

Have you made any adjustments or changes to your goals that impact the location or space that you’re in? Do you think this is an effective way of refreshing continuous goals?

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