The New Year is here and it’s time to put to action our goals! Each one of us will have our own set of goals and determinations for the year, so I will definitely not tell you what to aspire for, but I will try to provide inspiration, motivation, and tips to truly reach your goals and make the most of this year.

When browsing various social media sites this past week, I have read (and liked) MANY posts about New Year’s resolutions, inspirational quotes, and motivational habits. All of this positivity really got me thinking, how do I put all of these wonderful thoughts into one packaged deal that I can relate to in one sentence? Well, easier said than done, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it all fits into my lifestyle psychology of HEALTH + HAPPINESS.

In my dictionary, HEALTH + HAPPINESS can be translated into both personal goals and lifestyle choices, as well as attributes we can share and spread onto others. In my latest Instagram post I introduced one of these functions in connection to my HEALTH + HAPPINESS theory.

“In 2 0 1 8 surround yourself with people who are: INSPIRED + PASSIONATE + MOTIVATED + GRATEFUL + OPEN MINDED”

In my opinion, we can look at this statement in two ways.
ONE: Surround yourself with people who you can look up to, who will be a good influence on you. Being around people who inspire you to grow and develop as a person, who beam positivity, and who open your mind to ideas, are great people to have in your life!

TWO: Surround yourself with people who are just like you. If you think that you have all of the above mentioned attributes by all means you want to be surrounded by others who are like-minded.
By surrounding yourself with others who live and breathe in a similar mentality as you only develops and grows your positivity even more!

Looking back on the saying of surrounding yourself with influential people, it really does make sense!

Good Luck!

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