Today’s post is a flashback to my World Haus Fashion days; again, posting from a similar time a few years ago. This post actually has many interesting connections and facts, in terms of my outfit.

L E G G I N G S – These were my first pair of Blackmilk clothing leggings, that my husband, then boyfriend, bought me as a surprise! After falling in love with the brand, I ended up purchasing another few pair of their leggings. I defintely still have them today, and even though I don’t wear them as much as I used to, I will never sell them, basically because they are such a big part of my blogging days.

U G G  B O O T S  – Following my previous post about my UGG boot obsession, here is my very first pair of UGG boots – the classic three button boots.

B A G  – THE most popular Zara shopper amount fashion bloggers in 2012. Again, my husband, then boyfriend, surprised me with this bag on my birthday. It was sold out in the entire country, except for at one location. My man drove to a different city, just to get me this bag!! I knew he was a keeper even back then. Anyways, this bag remains proudly in my closet, along with the mini version (in black), and I think these bags will be another one of those classic items in my closet.

J A C K E T – When I first saw the Balenciaga “The Bombardier” jacket I knew it would be a hot commodity in the fashion world; and wasn’t I right. Of course, the price tag is no where near something I would pay for a jacket; especially because you can buy similar jackets with a much more reasonable price on the high street, for example. While browsing instagram, I’ve come across so many people who have this jacket, and finally, it hit me – I have a jacket that’s similar to The Bombardier right in my closet, which I bought a few good years ago in Poland. If I was to go back now, I don’t think I’d purchase it in this colour, but more of a black or grey, but I think I can still get some use out of it now, even thought I’m not much of a brown/nude clothing fan.  Nevertheless, it’s amazing how fashion likes to repeat itself.

S W E A T E R – A classic Tommy Hilfiger red knit sweater. Nothing more and nothing less.

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