I purchased my first pair of UGGs about 10 years ago… and I’ve been in love with the brand ever since! I remember when the boots originally hit the North American market, I wasn’t a big fan, actually, I wasn’t a fan at all! Now that I think about it, I believe I didn’t like them simply because everyone and anyone was wearing them; and I’m not one to follow the crowd…

Bailey Button Triplet II

Really, my parents bought me my first pair or UGGs and surprised me with them.  For the first few years I wore this one pair non stop – I couldn’t believe how comfortable and warm they were! Who cares that they look chunky, for the comfort and warmth it’s all worth it!

A few years later, I bought my second pair: . I went with somthing completely opposite of my original first pair – short and black. I think I literally wore the life out of these ones…

Mini Bailey Button II

Then along came pair number T H R E E ; something in between my first two pairs – grey and mid length! At this pair, I told myself: “Enough! This is the last pair you need!”.

Classic Short II

Who was I kidding though, this past weekend I decided I need another pair of UGGs, and what did I do? I bought another pair. I had a few choices, but decided going for a classic style – very similar to my very first original pair! I keep telling myself I bought these to wear around the house… but I have a feeling I will be bringing them out with me just as well; with time!!!

Bailey Button II

So, if you don’t already own a pair or two, I definitely recommend you just go for it and purchase a pair! Trust me!

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