“You don’t spell it, you feel it” – Winnie the Pooh, and also a great way of describing Hygge

The Hygge Lifestyle is all about defining the atmosphere and the environment we surround ourselves in and the feelings we gain from it. A few of the main words used to define Hygge can be; cozy, love, safe, shielded, or comfortable.  All in all, it’s the concept of creating a specific type of environment or feeling for an individual or group to live in.


The first characteristic of this lifestyle that I want to tell you about it, is probably something that you’ve already guessed we would talk about just by reading the description; Light and Warmth. A big part of the Hygge Lifestyle has to do with light; whether it’s in the form of candles or light bulbs, there is a  specific method to it, which therefore generates that warmth.


Did you know, the average Danish person burns approximately 6 kilos of candle wax each year – that is twice as much as the next runner up, Austrians, who burn approximately 3 kilos per year.  I started thinking about this deeper and thought, well yes, if the daylight hours and summer months are so short in Denmark (and the other Northern Countries in the area), then yes, candles are definitely a must have!


When you think of a candle burning, you think of a soft warm yellow/orange light; definitely nothing like those bright white lights you find in most offices. This is also a very important part of Hygge; the type of light. The idea behind the concept of light is to create a warm atmosphere with delicate and warm tones of light, nothing too bright, but rather more dim to create a specific calming mood and mentality. Lights, whether it’s candles or actual lighting units are placed specifically in homes and offices to create soothing pools of light. Generally the idea is that the lower the temperature of the light, the better.

It all makes sense now! By creating these soothing pools of light, as opposed to the bright fluorescent beams, people adapt to the environment better, which then generates more positive, calm, and happier atmospheres. No wonder the population in Denmark is often referred to as the “happiest population on the planet”.

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