They say that by a certain age you should develop a go-to uniform for yourself and a handful of essential items you can mix and match.


Looking back on my outfits from a few years ago, and comparing them to what I wear now, I can definitely draw a few conclusions, which lead me to realize how my style has evolved. I think I am finally coming to terms with essential items and a go-to uniform, which I can reach for anytime without any great thought process. Honestly though, I do still have to hold myself back when shopping, because I am constantly drawn to those fun colors and patterns – which now I have learned I need to limit myself to as I just don’t wear them as much anymore. This outfit here is a perfect example of my go-to uniform. Perfectly comfortable, and color coordinated, and this is why I now only buy essential items in a specific color palette – to make sure everything can be worn together!


BLACK TROUSERS: I am wearing my dear black ripped denim, which as you can assume, are from Zara. Ever since I bought my first pair of denim from Zara, I never once looked at pants from another store. I haven’t been disappointed since, and I couldn’t be happier with the price and quality either. Black trousers (ripped denim, or straight/skinny pants – Truthfully, I don’t remember the last time I had on a pair of blue jeans (not including the ripped denim skirt I wore all summer…). Ever since I purchased this pair of black distressed denim, I feel like it is all I ever want to wear; it’s so comfy, and literally goes with everything because of the color. My problem now is that with the temperatures slowly dropping, I know I will need a paid of pants that aren’t ripped. So, why struggle? I have gone back into Zara and decided to purchase a classic mid rise black trouser pant – almost a denim, but dark enough to fool anyone.


SWEATERS: Presenting you with a new addition to my closet, and my first purchase at All Saints. For the many years that we have shopped at All Saints, it was solely for my husband, but once I saw this a few weeks ago, I fell in love immediately. Let me tell you, this  cardigan is just amazing, as you can wear it so many ways it really feels like a ten in one sweater! Of course, I purchased it in a light grey. Underneath, I am wearing a classic ribbed turtleneck sweater; another staple in my closet. Oversized sweaters have become an essential item in my closet simply for their comfort and (lucky me) now their popularity. I actually used to purchase sweaters a few sizes too big just to give myself that extra space and oversized look. I just love how an oversized sweater looks and feels – as I’m not a fan of skin tight outfits. Overall though, I think sweaters are one of my weaknesses, especially cozy turtlenecks for the colder months.


BOOTS: Here they are, my classic L.K. Bennett Chelsea Boots, which I purchased at the  L.K. Bennett store at one of my favorite shopping locations on the planet – Bicester Village, last winter. I literally can wear them with just about anything, and they are ideal for this type of weather where flats and bare feet are no longer an option, and a covered ankle really does make all the difference. I absolutely love a classic black Chelsea boot, a mid length riding boot, or an over the knee suede boot. In terms of sneakers, I love New Balance, and of course, live in my Isabel Marant Bekketts and Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers.  Although, I’m sure I will put those into storage as soon as the wet weather starts to protect them.


HAT: I have recently found myself wearing these hats a lot. I have a black one which I purchased from H&M last year, but once I saw this one at Rudsak, I automatically fell in love. I love the green color of it, and it has the leather lace around it with a furry pompom at the back – I mean, how could you not fall in love with it. I guess you could say that the hat is also a staple item in my uniform, but I actually don’t wear it as much as I’d like to, so I wouldn’t necessarily include it.

I’m sure with winter around the corner I’ll be adding a few more layers to my outfits, but other than that, I think I’m pretty set on this uniform. What are you essential outfit pieces that you reach for regularly? Do you have a go-to uniform?

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