I will openly admit it; I am addicted to shoes – a good pair of shoes that is. I’ve recently made a few pretty exciting sneaker purchases; which I will share on here at some point, and now with the seasons changing and Autumn/Winter rolling in, it’s time to switch my focus to boots!

First and foremost, these absolutely perfect LOUIS VUITTON boots below. Honestly, I have been falling in love with these boots for some time now, no matter what the temperature outside was, I was drawn to these babies. I truly believe that I could rock these boots in any season; with a flowy dress, pair of distressed denim, or a hoodie. Isn’t that a way to convince yourself that you need a pair of shoes?


Although the above LOUIS VUITTON boots are really the only ones on my mind, below you’ll find a few other pairs/styles which I love for this season; yes, most are designer brands but they’re really just here for inspiration. I can assure you that you’ll be able to find these, and similar styles at your favourite high street shops as well.


And of course, the famous YSL heels! I think I have seen these in all possible fashion and style magazines, and of course, all over instagram lately. True to their popularity, they are pretty amazing. Personally, for my lifestyle, maybe not for an average daily errand, but definitely for a more special occasion!


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