Thanksgiving is definitely at the top of my list of favourite Holidays – the weather always seems to cooperate, the food choices are my go-to any day, and meaning of the Holiday is to give thanks!

This year’s Thanksgiving was perfection. We had not one, but two big Thanksgiving Dinners; one at my parents house, and the other at my husbands parents house. Now, in keeping with the Polish tradition, on any given Holiday, it’s usually a tradition to spend the entire day with family, and that is exactly what we did. We spent the entire day just spending time together, watching movies (and the Euro Soccer Qualifiers Game on Sunday!), snacking on homemade goodies, and just relaxing and enjoying each others companies.

The weather, as always, was perfect. Both day, the sun came out from behind the clouds just around 11, and shined brightly until just around sunset. The temperatures reached about 25 degrees celsius, which made it feel almost like summer and not autumn. Who doesn’t love warm sunny autumn days. There’s something about the colourful trees blowing in the warm autumn air that gets me every time!

Unfortunately, time flies when you’re having a good time, and these two days were gone before we knew it, but either way, I feel that we got our blessings in, and we’ve come out more thankful for everything that we have.

But, let’s talk about my outfit now. My outfit didn’t necessarily reflect this weather, because I was a bit warm, but, at least I was super comfy (and it looked cute).

THE DRESS: This Vero Moda dress I purchased at The Bay last year, and it truly is a gem in my closet – I can dress it up, dress it down, and it’s super practical.

THE SHOES: I purchased these shoes about two years ago from ASOS and basically live in them as the weather gets colder, because they have a nice warm insulation. What I love about them is that you can’t tell that they are really that warm, as they are not chunky and thick, but rather sleek.

THE BAG: There is a Kate Spade Outlet just over an hours drive from my house; how convenient isn’t it. I purchased this bag sometime last year, when I was looking for a more structured black handbag, and it truly was the perfect find. I love the bow detail on the front, I think it gives it that extra feminine Kate Spade touch.

THE ACCESSORIES: Traditionally, I am wearing my five bracelets which I do not part with, and wear everyday. I finally caved, and purchased an extra-large pair of hoop earrings. These specifically are from Aldo, and do the trick just fine.

So, I know I don’t do outfit posts too often anymore, but I promise I will work on this and try to share with you more of my style sets on here. But, you can always check out my Instagram (@claudiawiercinski) for up to date outfits and inspirations!

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