Strive for constant H  A  P  P  I  N  E  S  S

Focus on maintaining a  H  E  A  L  T  H  Y  body, mind, and soul

find your personal style, and let that define  F  A  S  H  I  O  N   choices

T  R  A  V  E  L  the world; there’s so much to explore & learn


World Haus Fashion was all about my style and my outfits. When I decided to start The Prettier Life, I knew I wanted to take it in a different direction a bit, simply because I knew I would not have the time I used to, to post and shoot my outfits, and because I was ready to share with the world the other topics and aspects of my life and personality. Also, World Haus Fashion was literally all about the Fashion, where The Prettier Life is more a lifestyle blog, which I wanted to share more than just fashion (even though a good chunk of it still focuses on my love of fashion). Growing up, I spent my time traveling the world, and experiencing the greatness it has to offer, which I then transcribed into my style and outfits. Now, (although I’m still “growing up”) I feel the need to transfer this positive vibrant knowledge into my lifestyle, which I’ve broken down into four main categories: Health + Happiness + Fashion + Travel. I feel that, that is exactly the definition of “The Prettier Life” for me. All four of those categories make up my lifestyle in one way or another, and I am able to group other aspects of my life directly into one or more of the categories.

H E A L T H + H A P P I N E S S + F A S H I O N + T R A V E L

Although I am still searching (I don’t believe we ever stop searching) I think I have found a very solid piece of my puzzle.  Those four words have become my keys to success, sanity, and growth. As I mentioned before, there are many other subcategories in my life (words) that I use to define my “success” but truthfully they are all able to fit into one of these main categories I’ve created.

By following the motto that “everything happens for a reason” and “positive vibes only” I am able to push past and/or learn to cope/adapt to the negative and/or stressful events in life. Of course, we all deal with things differently, and some matters are easier to “push past or cope” with, but by following these two mottos I learn to deal with things better.

In today’s busy and quickly changing world, it’s so important to keep your feet firmly on the ground and have a strong grasp of your own self; it seems that everything around us is developing and changing so quickly, sometimes it may be hard to keep up – and that is where the importance of “The Prettier Life” comes into play also.

The Prettier Life is a balance and combination of all the aspects of our lives, wrapped neatly into a focused and positive package. 

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