Monday’s can often feel like one of the most difficult days of the week, but they  don’t have to. They are what we make them out to be; just like any other day of the week.  To be honest, I have always looked at Mondays with a bit of a dread, just like any other human being out there who works that “9-5 workweek”. When that 8pm rolls around on a Sunday evening, we automatically start dreading that Monday morning alarm clock. But really, why do we? It is because social media tells us to? Maybe if it wasn’t for all of those “Monday-Morning” jokes the Monday alarm clock wouldn’t be that painful?

Truthfully, Monday’s can and most likely will always be difficult for those on a regular work week schedule, but that’s really only because we “let ourselves go” on weekends! It’s normal, our weekend routines are much different from our workweek routines; sleeping in, hanging out in pj’s till noon, staying up late, etc. The weekend is our time to relax and change-up the daily routine, so by no means am I saying that that should change – heck, that’s what the weekends are for!

So how do you have your cake and eat it too? How do you take advantage of your weekend and not dread the Monday morning alarm clock (without quitting your job…)? Well, the answer is both an easy one as it is difficult one. It’s most likely not something you can change overnight, but here are some of the things that help me cycle through the days with a constant positive outlook.

  • Instead of waking up at noon, take a nap a noon 

I realize that sleeping in on weekends may be one of your favourite things to do, but this is a matter of training your body to a routine and sticking to it. For example, I wake up between 6:00am-6:30am every morning during the week; sometimes on my own and sometimes to an alarm clock, as I have now trained my body to wake up around this time every day. I must admit though, some weekends I do tend to sleep in a little bit longer, only because I don’t set the alarm, but only until 7:00-7:30am the latest. As any normal human being, I do like to catch up on my sleep after a busy week ahead, so without compromising my workweek wake up routine, I like to catch up on this sleep with a nap on weekends, whenever possible, of course. I find that this method works best for me and my body keeps with the routine; which is ideal for that “dreaded Monday morning”.

  • Don’t completely stop moving, a.k.a don’t be a couch potato ALL weekend

Yes, I too love lounging around the house, slouching on the couch, and doing absolutely nothing once in a while. The way I tackle this urge is to always give myself one day on the weekend without any plans. This way, I can wake up knowing that the day is fully mine to do as I please.

  • Think Positively; Monday is just another day of the week

Don’t over think it. Monday is just another day of the week; the beginning of a new week in fact, which can mean a fresh start after regenerating your batteries over the weekend.   Don’t overwhelm yourself with all those crazy Monday theories, and just go with the flow.

Of course there are many ways to look at the “Monday-Blues”, but overall, like I mentioned before, it is what we make it; so make it good! Stick to a routine, and don’t over think the fact that you have five full days of the workweek ahead… I know, easier said then done, and I LOVE my weekends as well, but hey, there are some things we just can’t control, so try to control the ones you can, and it’ll make your life easier.

Happy  M O N D A Y !



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