My Husbands graduation – 2013

The begining of each month always feels like a new beginning for me; just like a new week, a Monday morning feels like a fresh start. I guess everyone considers a “fresh start” as something different; for me, it’s simply a way of looking forward to a new set of goals or events.

This month, my husband and I have decided to finally take on a project we have been debating on for sometime now – to go back to school and finish our degree. We have been working on classes here and there, but just recently found a specific program we are truly excited about, and that makes sense.

Going back to our college roots is giving me a nice sense of nostalgia – I am enjoying it actually.Not only do I get a student discount again, but the Campus has undergone many updates and renovations since I was last there; which now includes an upgraded wellness and fitness facility.

Maybe I will be able to motivate myself and actually get to the gym now…

Anyways, we are both starting full course loads and the classes will run throughout the entire summer semester – beginning of May to the middle of August.  Yes, we will have extra work on our plates; to add to our already busy schedules, but there is nothing that can, or will, stop us from completing these Degrees.

I love hearing things like “Forever a Student” from adults; education is one of the most important things and it’s so great when we are able to find the time and opportunity to continue our educations!


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