List of the Week: List the ways that you feel lucky.

This is almost another way of asking yourself why you think that you are blessed – and truly, there are so many reasons why I think we are all lucky in life, even if at a given moment in time we may think our world is crumbling. There is always going to be something that you want but can’t have, something that doesn’t go our way, or something that we aren’t happy about. Many of these life events are things we can’t always control, because they simply happen – not by our own decision-making.

I do believe though, we are able to control our happiness; to a point of course. We know ourselves and we know what makes us happy – now we just have to figure out to get ourselves there.

Feeling that we are lucky doesn’t have to be something drastic, something simple such as feeling lucky that your favourite snack was on sale at the grocery store, or that your shellac nail polish hasnt chipped after two weeks. Luck isn’t something we control, it’s almost like that extra cherry on top of happiness that adds a little bit of an extra jump to your step.

I also made sure to account for health and family in this list – two of the most important factors in my life; the building blocks of each and every day. Not only am I blessed, but lucky to have these two in my life – no matter how tough or rough situations can get, I will never take them for granted.

Happy Reflecting!


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