Springtime Celebration

Spring has sprung and I am absolutely thrilled about it! Spring is my second favourite season; after Autumn.

Springtime always feels so refreshing and allows us to start a truly fresh chapter during the year; as we put away the heavy winter wear and start taking out the lighter items; we clean out our homes and are able to open the windows and let the fresh breeze in; everything just seems lighter.

This year in my area, we are experiencing a nice transition from the winter into Spring – many years the temperatures have jumped drastically and we didn’t really have much time to enjoy true SPRINGTIME. The temperatures are sitting between a comfortable 15-20 degrees celsius, which is perfect as there is still a cool front coming through from the winter months.

I know I have been inactive on the blog for the last few weeks, but I feel like I will be able to come back to my regular schedule soon; as I really miss writing for THE PRETTIER LIFE. I have so many great ideas and information to share on the blog, and I’m looking forward to spending some time to write them all out on here.


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