I’m not one to strictly follow trends, but once in a while I tend to have the urge to try one or two out. My most recent trend try-out was the CHROME NAIL trend.

It’s actually a funny story; a few weeks ago I was getting my nails done, and as I was sitting there at the end of the session in the dryer, I spotted the most pretty colour: CHROME PINK! Unfortunately, at this point I had just had a full new colour put on, so I wasn’t going to change it then, but I promised myself that the next time I got my nails done, I would get this colour.

So, the “next time” happened last week, and I finally got my CHROME NAILS! First, I was instructed to pick out the brightest pink possible from the Shellac colours available, next, came the chrome powder.

I’ve watched many videos of how this chrome powder is put on nails but trust me, it looks so much better in reality. It is a little bit messy though. Nonetheless, it’s amazing, and I love my nails!


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