As I’ve mentioned earlier, F L O R A L everything, all the time! Strolling through Great Lakes Crossings Outlet mall last week, the obvious caught my eye; a major FLORAL display at the Coach store!

I think I fell in love with every single item they had on display – I tried on each of the bags, twice, maybe even three times, but could not make up my mind so sadly walked out with nothing. (I know, that never happens).

The thing is, I plan on being at the mall again next weekend, so I can give myself some extra time to think about which one I really want (HA, all of them!).

The next thing is that I realize it’s an outlet store, so I understand that I might not be able to find these bags in the online store, but truthfully, I can’t find them anywhere! I’m thinking they look like they belong in the Spring 2016 Collection, but I’m not sure.

Nonetheless, these prints are fabulous and I definitely plan on choosing one of the bags next time I am at the outlets!

If anyone can help me identify which collection they are from, and/or help me decide which one to buy, let me know!


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