Last season my interest with sunglasses became very expensive; I had fallen in love with the Dior Technologic and Dior So Real sunglasses. I had seen these sunglasses in magazines, and on celebrities and other bloggers, but never before had the chance to try them on.

Last year, on a chilly May afternoon in New York City, I spotted a pair and decided to give them a shot. Well, once I did, my husband knew right away he was in trouble –  I was in L O V E !


Everything about them was magical – they felt great, so comfortable and cute. There was/is a downside though, the price! I mean, I don’t wear sunglasses too often since I wear prescription glasses everyday, so to justify spending more of less $600 on a pair of sunglasses, was just a bit out of the question.


To this day I have a slight obsession with these sunglasses – I try them on whenever I see them at a store; maybe hoping that in some miraculous way, the price will change, or that I will fall out of love with them. So far; neither has happened, but I have my hopes, right?




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