List of the Week: List things that you are really good at

Making a list of things you think you are good at, might seem a bit conceited at first, but in reality, it’s helps you realize your strengths and builds you character. Thinking about things that you are good at forces you to think about the things you enjoy – because we all believe we are good at things we like; that’s why we like them.

Personally, I think this will be a fun list to complete – it will definitely bring out the positive aspects of your life. I’m sure, that since you will be spending a week thinking about this list, you will be able to come up with many things that you are good at; many of which you don’t think about on a regular basis.

I’m even thinking that you may find things you are good at that you don’t do often, but may start doing after you have this realization.

Happy Listing!


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