Which magazine subscriptions do you currently have? 

Porter, Hapers Bazaar, Elle Canada

How long have you had these subscriptions for?

Porter and Bazaar for a few years only, but Elle for as long as I can remember.

What do you love most about having a subscription?

The magazine arrives right at your door, there are always extra gifts inside, and of course the subscribers rate is a steal!

Which magazine will you subscribe to next?

Definitely Women’s Health and a Home Decor magazine. I’m looking for a good deal for it!


Now that I think about it, there’s no better way to buy magazines than to subscribe to a year or two year plan! Not only do you pay less for each issue but they are delivered straight to your door! Talk about convenient!  I wish I knew this as a teen, ordering Teen Vogue!

I used to solely enjoy fashion and style magazines only; for the ads and photography, but never for the articles. I purchased Harpers Bazaar once in a while and always told myself I need to subscribe to it – when I finally did, it was like a new side to the fashion world!

Once Net-A-Porter came out with their magazine Porter, I knew I had to have it – I mean, one of my shopping sites and a magazine that promised insites on the fashion world in all different aspects! Again, once I subscribed, I didn’t even think twice – it was just one of those good decisions you make.

So if you’re like me, and L O V E magazines, see if you can find a good subscribers rate and try it out! You can always cancel your subscription if you decide it’s not for you!


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