“Alanui’s jacquard-knit cardigans are as luxurious as they come. Made in Italy from Cariaggi cashmere with playful fringed trims, this chunky piece is cut for an oversized fit and has a detachable belt to define your waist. Take it on long-haul flights as a cozy wrap.”Net-A-Porter

Cardigans are one of my favorite classic pieces of clothing that I own and shop for on a regular basis – I just can never have too many cardigans.

There are many reasons why I love cardigans;

  • The cardigan can be worn from day to night so easily – button it up for the office, drape it over your shoulders for lunch, then put it back on and leave it unbuttoned for the evening!
  • A blazer will never be as soft and practical!
  • It will keep you warm- of course  depending on the material and thickness you choose, but following the previous point, it will most likely be warmer than a blazer.
  • The cardigan will NEVER go out of style!

I have a very classic collection of cardigans, but I can guarantee that I am not done adding to it. When purchasing cardigans I make sure I pick out colours that I will ACTUALLY wear, instead of “because it’s pretty”.

My most recent cardigan splurges have been of longer, over-the-bum and knee-length cardigans! (You can find one of these in my previous post: Vintage Versace). At first I thought I was drawn to these lengths because of the winter, but even now with Spring approaching, I am finding I’m still drawn to these lengths. I just can’t get over how comfy and practical these longer cardigans are, and not to mention how stylish!


Pictured above, you can see one of my dream cardigans, which I will most likely never add to my collection, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find something similiar for a quarter of the price!

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