We all know that fashion likes to repeat itself, but what does fashion like even more?

V I N T A G E   F A S H I O N

I was lucky enough to take an interest in this earlier in life, and made sure that my mom and grandmother never gave away or threw out any of her “old, never going to wear them again” pieces. Even if, at the time I wouldn’t dare put them on in public because they were “not in style”, something told me that that one day, when I was older, I would find some type of use out of them.

One of my favourite vintage peices that have been passed down to me is actually from my mother-in-law.  A few yers ago, while helping her clean out her closet, again making sure she didn’t throw away anything “not in style”, I came across a real gem!

I found a vintage  V E R S A C E  belt – I mean, it’s stunning. It is of couse a bit worn out, but isn’t that the point of VINTAGE. What good would it be if it was in perfect condition, I wouldn’t be able to wear it because I’d be worried I’d ruin in. Honestly, I prefer it this way, I think it makes it that much more unique and a true vintage gem.

The belt has so much character to itself, that I figured it’s only fair to pair it with a classic outfit. This time, I chose high rise black jeans, a crisp white tee, pretty powder pink long cardigan, black ankle boots, and classic Coach handbag.



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