Before I started THE P R E T T I E R LIFE, I had a blog called WORLD HAUS FASHION. I had this blog for about six years, and it’s main focus was all things FASHION. My regular posts consisted of my outfits – day to day style, while traveling, etc. I had such a great time with the blog, it really allowed me to grow and develop my style (and closet), and find my happiness through a hobby.

Once I started working full time, I found it harder and harder to post regularly, and spend enough time on a post to be satisfied with it. That is when I decided to stop, and just give myself some time off from blogging to focus on my career and personal life.

A few years later… I just couldnt sit there anymore; I had to write, had to post, there was just too much I wanted to share. The simple fact that I love writing and having a social outlet to share on, was enough reason for me to get back into the blogosphere.

Starting this blog, was like starting  a new chapter in my life – I still want to focus on FASHION, but there is so much more to my daily happiness these days! My focus has developed and grown since WHF, and I knew I could start a new blog to build on this.

The title really just happened, I had always had a saying that I’m all about the “prettier things in life”, so I figured, it would fit perfectly to what I wanted to accomplish with this new blog.

The Prettier Life IS about the Prettier Things in Life – of course, you may want to use a different word, other than  P R E T T Y, but that’s how I see things, and it works for me. In this day and age, it’s so important that we don’t get caught up in this fast paced lifestyle too much, and that we are stil able to take time to slow down and notice the wonders of this planet.

Although we might want to, we can’t all travel the world – thank goodness for those that can because they can share with us the beauty of this universe. We are able to make our everyday lives more special by reflecting and admiring whats around us.

Think about it, start noticing the “prettier things” around you, and tell me if you start smiling more!


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