As you know, I have a weak spot for handbags, always have and I think I always will. They are my Favourite accessory for many reasons, but mostly because I know that I can invest in a good handbag and have it for years (given that it’s a classic style).

Lately, I have become interested in the backpack trend – although I am still debating if it’s a trend or style that will stick around. Honestly, I don’t remember a time when backpacks weren’t a good idea, or when you didn’t need one?!

The question is, what kind of backpack are we talking about? I have had my sights set on the Louis Vuitton Palm Beach collection – possibly because I have been seeing it everywhere…

Though the backpack is comparable to the price of a designer bag, I do believe it may be worth it – I am still debating that fact to a point though, for my own purposes. If you see yourself wearing a backpack often enough to make it worth the purchase, then I say go for it; there will always be a time and place for a backpack in my opinion.

Not only is it easier to wear a backpack – think handsfree, no strain on one side of your body and shoulder; a backpack will most likely zip up or close entirely so you don’t have to worry about things falling out (hopefully). I am mentioning this, because of corse this is my dilemma at the moment; the majority of my day to day bags are “open”, and I’ve noticed recently I would really appreciate something that fully closes.

Finally, how classic and cute are these bags – I love the classic Louis Vuitton print, and I know it will NEVER go out of style! It’s been around for too long, and it’s considered as one of those heritage classic prints worldwide, by many generations!

What are your thoughts?! If you are debating or already wearing the backpack trend, which brand would you recommend?! I’m ready for all input!



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