About a week ago, I finally decided to purchase my first Moorea Seal List Journal. The two options were the “52 Lists Project” or the “52 Lists for Happiness”. Naturally, I opted for the Lists for Happiness one! I am all above it that word these day and I’m trying to reflect on it in every situation, so it only seemed right that this was the one I’d choose. Maybe once I’ve completed this one I’ll grab the other one.

I decided that today would be week one of this weekly journaling book. Like mentioned above, seeing as this happiness term reflects me, my actions, and thoughts daily, I figure it’s only fair to include this weekly journaling as a regular post on the blog. So, once a week, at the beginning of the week, I’ll write a post about the question of the week, and some thoughts I have on it, starting with today.

List of the Week: List what makes you happy right now.

This is a great starting point; humans by nature don’t automatically think about things that make us happy, we more often tend to start running through tasks and to-do lists in our minds. This list forces us to really think of what in our lives makes us happy, and therefore, makes us realize that there is so much more for us than we think.

I completely understand that it’s hard to “stop and smell the roses” because I myself am always on the run; but  I am learning to slow down and realize my surroundings and reflect on my feelings a bit more. This list will be a great starting point for that as well.



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