I have always been a book worm; reading is just so calming and relaxing. I love how books are able to take us into an entirely different world, puts us in someone else’s shoes, and provides us with a different view.

Once I’m drawn into the story of a book, I can literally read anywhere, but that are certain times when I enjoy reading the most – that’s on a cozy evening in bed with a warm cup of tea, or a quiet morning with a cup of coffee. Having something warm to drink and a blanket to cuddle up in makes for the perfect reading combination.

Studies suggest that reading before bed goes both ways – I, myself, believe in the positive outcome of it. For one, it calms us (unless of course you’re reading something super intense), and it takes our thought away from our everyday thoughts. I’m sure we all have days when we just cant stop thinking, and everything that possibly could be going through our mind, goes through our mind!

R E L A Xstop all the thoughts in your mind, and drift into slumber.

As per the title, a chapter a day keeps the insomnia away – it sounds good, but I’d like to change it to “a chapter a night, calms the whirlpool of thoughts in your head“. Some people read more than a chapter, but for me, after a long day, a chapter is usually enough (especially during the week). Also, I find it depends on the time I slip into bed too; the earlier I get into bed, the more I can read.

Of course, I’m not saying this theory works every time, there are times when we jus tcant shut off, and we have to take different measures, but next time your brain is running wild and your body is telling you to sleep, try my book theory, and let me know how it works for you.


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